2014 – 2016 – Permanent Land – yielding food with Atlantic forest.
This research project evaluated how permaculture philosophy and technics can contribute for a organic food production through agroecosystems sustainability and socio-environmental aspects.
Arthur Schmidt Nanni – Coordinator / Grasiela Bertolucci Willrich – partner / Arno Blankensteyn – partner / Marcelo Venturi – partner / Orlando Ferretti – partner / Thaise Costa Guzatti – partner / José Giovani Farias – partner / Jefferson Mota – partner / Cristiane Corrêa – partner.
2017 – today – Permaculture and Ecological Wellbeing
The purpose of this research project is to pilot a methodology seeking to explore how permaculture helps people improve their wellbeing and quality of life following their move to a peri-urban, semi-rural or rural environment and how important it can be in motivating and assisting their settlement in this new environment.