The second edition of Teaching Permaculture is now available

11/11/2022 20:40

2nd edition of E-book.

Permaculture education is much more than a collection of how-to techniques. In the newly launched second edition of Teaching Permaculture, the Brazilian Permaculture Groups and Studies Network (NEPerma Brazil). Now fully updated and offering new chapters on permaculture planning (PDC) and teaching permaculture in K-12, Teaching Permaculture is a complete training course in e-book format. It shows educators how to reveal the world systematically as well as inspire sound decision-making for a better future.

Teaching Permaculture is now more relevant than ever. Professors and academics of all disciplines are now recognizing permaculture as a holistic socioenvironmental science. Permaculture has become foundational to critical environmental education in primary, secondary, and technical schools. Application of permaculture principles is also gaining popularity with government organizations, institutes, and designers. And in Brazilian universities, permaculture groups are consolidating permaculture in academia and creating permaculture-focused teaching initiatives and research and extension projects. Teaching Permaculture serves as a resource for all.

Knowledge plataform

The NEPerma Brazil Network and NEPerma/UFSC encourage all permaculture instructors working in universities, technical schools, K-12, institutes, and permaculture stations to familiarize themselves with Teaching Permaculture. Through the digital knowledge platform Teaching Permaculture. (Google Chrome offers free on-screen translation from Portuguese to a variety of languages.), the reader can print it on demand and offer feedback for future revisions. Access the Portuguese-language version, Ensinando Permacultura, here.

Text: Arthur Nanni

Review: Courtney Johnson