Graduate program attracts people from different parts of Brazil

01/11/2019 10:59

Souce of registrations for Permaculture graduate program.

In the past two weeks it was started a selective process aiming to fill vacancies on Graduate Course in Permaculture. This course is an initiative of Permaculture Study Group and Rural Education Department of UFSC.

Projected to be a presential course, the initial expectant it was the regional attendance for Florianópolis metropolitan territory. The second aimed public has included candidates from Santa Catarina state. This scenery was confirmed. An amount of 154 requests for 30 vacancies available were registered, being 78% from Santa Catarina state and the remaining from other Brazilian states as well. Two other candidates interested were from Chile and Colombia. Around 2/3 these 154 are women and someone already have any type of post graduation.

Professor’s team of Permaculture Study Group believes this permaculture courses demand, including post-graduation and undergraduate levels, can be linked to the fact of people are looking for innovative professional actuation ways in areas based on truly sustainable purposes.

The Permaculture Graduate Course offered by UFSC is the fourth initiative in Brazil. Previously, there were developed similar courses at universities like UECE, UFCA and PUC-Campinas.

Tags: Especialização em permacultura